Egg Products


You can purchase the following egg products from us:

Liquid egg products in 1.000kg inliner container and 25.000kg tanker:

  • Whole egg natural, min. 23,0 % dry matter
  • Egg yolk natural, min. 43,0 % dry matter
  • Egg yolk with 11% salt, min. 49,0 % dry matter
  • Egg white natural, min. 11,0 % dry matter

The product you wish is missing? In case you need any special mixes of liquid egg products just get in contact with us! Enjoy the possibility to get individually mixed egg products. We mix egg products with additives such as salt, sugar and glucose.

Egg powder can be offered in boxes of 25kg with Polyinliner or if agreed in boxes of 20kg cartons or in sacks:

  • Whole egg powder standard
  • Egg yolk powder standard
  • Egg white powder standard
  • Egg white powder (high whip)
  • Egg white powder (high gel)

Do you have any special wishes regarding methods of keeping? You can order egg products from following methods of keeping:

  • Enriched cage
  • Cage free / Barn eggs (also with KAT certification)
  • Free range (also with KAT certification)
  • Organic (according to DE-ÖKO-006)