Due to many years of intensive and friendly worldwide contacts to our egg producers, we are always able to offer large quantities of the following eggs, even at short notice:

  • Eggs for the processing industry
  • Eggs for grading
  • Graded eggs (grades: Smalls 43-53g, Mediums 53-63g, Large 63-73g, XL 73g+)

The eggs can be packed according to your requirements:

  • loose on pallet, on paper trays
  • loose on pallet, on plastic trays
  • loose in box of 360 pieces, on paper trays
  • loose in box of 180 pieces, on paper trays
  • Retail packaging (10 and 6 pieces per box)

Do you have any wishes regarding methods of keeping? We supply eggs from

  • Enriched cage
  • Cage free/ barn eggs
  • Free range
  • Organic