The Company


The Egg Center Group is an international trading group of companies for raw materials, belonging to the holding company Global Business Contact GmbH at 100% ( Already back in 2003 we have begun to establish successful trading companies and affiliated manufacturing companies throughout Europe or have taken them over as a shareholder. These companies are traditional family companies which have been established or taken over and later have been integrated in the group by the Jacobs family from Nederweert in The Netherlands and the Bunte family from Lembruch based at the Dümmer lake.

The founders are absolute professionals in dealing with commodities. Since many years now they’re succesfully operating in these industries and have, with strategic excellent investment, created a very successful group of companies throughout these years. These investments have resulted in several successful companies whose activities have been grouped into the Egg Center Group. They include the trading with eggs and egg products worldwide, the logistics and the production of raw food materials as well as packaging materials and the trade with livestock. So all in all it’s a showcase for diversification with an absolute focus on the essentials. The trading of raw food materials.

To this end, we employ a number of employees in every corner of the world, and are thus in direct contact with producers and buyers.

Our raw materials need to get from producer to consumer. It is called physical trade. This is our core business. As commodity traders we buy an agreed quantity from a producer at an agreed date and price and guarantee the buyer the place, date, price and transport of the delivery. To this end, we operate our own logistics companies and warehouses.

Besides this, we have, just like many other commodity traders, entered into the production of raw materials in recent years, in addition to the pure trading business.

Naturally, we operate worldwide.

On the following pages you can have a look at the various sectors and fields of activity of the Egg Center Group.